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7 months ago
How to make a 24/7 Minecraft server for free

What is a Minecraft server?

Minecraft server is a player-owned or business-owned Server that is made for the Game Minecraft. There are different server files for different purposes of the servers.

Types of Minecraft servers

There are different types of Minecraft servers Like : 



Plugin based

Mostly Plugin based servers are good as they give handy plugins to offer and make your gameplay easier or you can use them to create a very unique server of your own Gamemodes or your own minigames 

How to make a Minecraft server?

To make a Minecraft server you need to host your own or use a hosting. To host your own you can use Serverjars

With a server jar, you can host your own Minecraft server on your device. If you Host your own server it cant  be 24/7 Right? Thats where free hosts come

Free 24/7 Hosts



These 2 are recommended as Endernodes doesn't give as many resources as Qloxhost but Endernodes server Security is very good as your files don't get deleted every week. On the other hand, Qloxhost gives So many resources but your files can get deleted every day. Lifestealermc is right now hosted on Endernodes with no cost of money 

Now you know free host what to do ?

  1. Go to their client and log in using discord 
  2. Once you have been logged in make a server
  3. Reset panel password 
  4. login to the panel using your Discord email and the new password 
  5. Once you have logged in go to Account settings in the panel to reset your password once your password has been reset you can log in again with your password 
  6. Now run the server or Download another server.jar for your server from Serverjars
  7. Now the jar you have downloaded if its name isn't server.jar rename it to server.jar
  8. Go to file manager at the servers panel and upload it to the server's main directory
  9. Now choose your startup java version for [1.8 to 1.16 Use java 8] [1.17 to 1.18 Java 16 ] [1.19 java17]
  10. Once you have configured the startup go to the console and start the server 
  11. Accept the EULA 
  12. Now once you have started your server you can use the IP from the left side to connect your server

Adding plugins 

The first plugins you want to add if you are using spigot bukkit or paper or purpur are

Essentialsx and EssentialsxChat



Placeholderapi {Papi}

Viaversion Viarewiend ViaBackwards 

What do these plugins do?

Essentialsx is Essential for Minecraft servers as it adds very useful commands and helps a lot to server owners

Luck perms is Used to give players certain permissions. Luck perms has an online web editor to give you ease. With luck perms, you can create ranks and do amazing stuff

Vault is an economy plugin to give players their vaults 

Placeholderapi Gives You Thousands of placeholders which can come very handy

Viaversion: Have you played on a Minecraft server but then need to switch the version to play another server or you can access a Minecraft server but you're on the wrong version? This plugin fixes Mojangs mistake of having no backward or upwards capability. This player will make it so that players from 1.7 to 1.19 can join your servers

7 months ago
Welcome To lifestealermc

Welcome To lifestealermc


 This all started in 2021 when I began watching lifesteal smp content. I set out on the journey to make my own lifesteal smp. I searched tirelessly on forums and the internet to find the best host. 

I Found out about a hosting named plutonodes Which gave Minecraft servers for free with free upgradeable servers started afking for so long. I remember having 6 cores and 24 GB of ram. I remember someone trying to raid a server with bots but the tps didn't even drop. But all things come to an end and plutonodes shut down. When all hope got lost plutonodes came back but with several new names every time rebranding and deleting the server files. Because of this, the golden age of lifesteal mc went away 

At the time we didn't have a domain so every time the server got reset we would have reset the IP also which damaged the server a lot. Then I struggled to keep the server 24/7 as all free 24/7 hosts would just close or rebrand or delete the server with any warning this damaged the server as sometimes there were 2 or 3 resets in a week 


When all the things go stable some discord server nuked the discord server making me lose all the progress as full years of hardship just got deleted by someone random. This made me shutdown the server forever and i said goodbye to everyone 


After I announced that lifesteal mc is dead and won't come back people started dming me to relaunch after thinking about it for some days I finally thought to bring it back so I made the new discord server and changed the name from lifesteal mc to lifestealermc . The biggest problem was the host so I used asianodes but the cause of its purges and weekly file loss I shifted to many other hosts like magmanodes qloxhost bolt host. But then I shifted to endernodes which was a good decision as because of endernodes the server constant reset stopped 


Because of endernodes, I could stop worrying about my constant resets and 24/7 hosting problem. But people most of the people stopped playing on the server because of that we lost all of our active members most of them left of the nuke and some just didn't care at all for the server. But because of deleting my top Minecraft servers page, the traffic source got deleted and the IP: was banned. I needed a way to register back on topmcservers so I made another IP named But my problems didn't end. So I put 10s hours into the day just to attract people and build the community. Working tirelessly alone on the project and people blaming me for things every day  

This is the story of lifestealermc or lifesteal mc

As per now i have only earned friends in the community not money cause this project wasn't about money

11 months ago

hello guys

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